Monday, 29 August 2022

Invisible Bruises

I'm trying to be OK
About the hours that go by
Blood pressure levels teach me to rest
Whilst my mind wants to stay focused on my bucket list
It's OK to sit and rest
Trying to soothe away the silent invisible bruises
It can be hard to redirect all the challenging ideas in my imagination
Go, go flex I hate to admit it
Ny mind is just not in coordination with flexibility or even health and healing at the moment
What horrible tale has your mind come up with next?
No tale just a memory of around about the beginning of the millennium
When I did not realise I may have been threatened
The possible subtlety of the dictation of punishment themed on somebody
No one would guess there is a fantasy to over throw those with creativity
Someone wants to get them in
They begin forms of highly covert Intimidations before they really settle into formations
We made you our mascot in our heads
Match but don’t confess
So now
That is how they play their jest
People living their most ordinary best lives, are not left to be their best but are attacked by every attempt to pull them toward those with little resistance or defiance to living in subterfuge!
And again nobody appears to suspect
Because not everyone knows what everyone has said!

Thursday, 17 March 2022

Stalker With What?

The Firms Man's Got it Really Bad!
Where the Freedom and Love at?
She couldn't bare to lose them
Not her to him
Him to her
Even though the two people had never really known each other except in her fear of losing control of herself!
Toxic boundaries come first in this tale of a woman who turned everybody else’s life into her personal merch
As she and her gang stalked driving against the motorway central reservation, as they drive along looking up. I fall asleep and made it blatant!
Forearm to hand lifted in the air
Time and time again from yard to fuel station forecourt
Following closely behind
Stuck around my life
Forearm to hand lifted in the air
Thrown into a daze?
I fall into a fall sleep feeling again, and again, and again. 
Can barely stay awake at home.
No cups or cards done
But I have slept till tired year after year after
Cannot get enough of much done
Why after so many years of domestic abuse will it feel like no one would believe there is a stalker, an abuser, who will teach others to in general knock people out in the strangest of circumstances and have them seen as sleeping which is a convenience researched and created by someone who has remained stuck on cosy afternoon naps, unable to cope with the reality of the professional world.
“Hear my world” is the child abusers stifled cry
A child abused who still abuses as that child!
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!

Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Oddments of Poetry Trying to detect Freedom and Love!

The Detection of Freedom and Love in...
Love Cruelty Fear Freedom 
A Blog of Alternative Personal Coarse Work!
Research Poetry Questionnaire (1)
What is love?
Safety in something you feel and say?
What isn’t love?
Danger in something you ball up as dangerous Energy projecting and impacting someone so violently distressing them because they don't feel the same way?
Energy Exploration 
Alternative Coarse Work: No Need for Experimentation(it has already been done!) (2)
Energy can work in conjunction with a persons mind, perception, and physical health to crack wood, and create many other destructions, what are the myriad of disguises used on the unsuspecting?
What are the Componenants of Feeling Freedom and Love 
[This is An Alternative  form of informal personal internal study](3)
What is the feeling of freedom and love?
What am I more likely to feel, or relate the feeling too if I could switch out what my mind went through during abuse?
This is Alternative Course Work Research Poetry!(4)
No fear
Living inwardly and outwardly
Trust and the truth feeling and looking as good as fresh air and Fresh Clear Water tasty as a meal of Clear Water Fish 
Respect and enjoyment for the gift of healthy communication, and speech?
Respect for intention and intellect when used for the healing purposes, and for the good of all concerned?
Strength to live in complete and utter truth every moment of every millisecond, minute, hour, day, month, and year
The respect for the truthful ways of true construction, with absolutely no negative limitations
Short Story Poetry(5)
Taken on as a wife nothing matched
8The alignment of words with actions without any other type of attachment
It was a marriage of the quite contrite!
He who had been a good wife
Remote Evil Research Poetry(6)
Would you believe that such a thing can be devised?
Yet again I am here not scared to say utter over, and over again.
This not just about the smoking curses at M6 junction with the A34
This is about years of planning 
Years of need to devise anything and everything not to let go
Must Control
Must have Hold
Cab you do your job with your eyes closed?
Visions of a comparative test
Can we sit and watch from a far how our project upon thee will have your eyes rolling in the back of your as though your are Satan’s Cabbaged Whisky 
I love thee
You may think your mind screams
I love thee
But why the need for so much when in person the absolutely no feelings of care, neither feelings of Love
With too many coincidences and incidents of things gone wrong in the name of love for someone which only feels like live to the one who proclaims it
Feels like almost a life time of somebody else’s gang always coming out from remote crevices to check on how effective their evil deeds have become!
Rapes so Evil it clothed and closed the minds, and hearts of so many 
Why the harsh truths of the brutal abuse upon innocence hurts and closes  the minds of so many
Too painful a burden for anyone to care a lost generation stuck on let’s pretend make belief.
But for one who cannot afford to allow the escaped to be free and continually get a way due to their vacuous need for control...bruised a nation created a no love state then went hell for leather on remote control slinging  it all in as Energy bombs anything to divert attention from the mistakes that had been their perfect covers for years....beat in the head so much left to deal with as too high on drugs now trying to mess with legal ways as an adult with lower school mental age.
A person life’s story so cruel and so sad nobody dear touch them or clean a way the savages that follow them about everyday waiting for next mogul who they are convinced is about to pay out....this after stolen residencies, a whole families fortune. Now all the con merchants are tighter that shit on a stick?
Where is all the love and freedom in all of this?
Which sentences or bit of poetry conjures up the closes fit?
No answers on a postcard 


These are Creative Works

Created by Lavinia De Ayr

Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!


Sunday, 28 November 2021

Still Bugging and its been years of....

For the express attention of Detective Rivington Smythe...but further up the road!

....TN  drives passed me and a rip is felt in the lower back part of my head just above my neck on the right side of my head. X.
It alters me
Is someone jealous of me or them?
Ovv tries to work on me
They continue to try to work on Me along the M25
Its been since South Africa...
There is a white line in the sky that flies away after TN has driven  by
I arrive Washington no dome twenty seventh November twenty-twenty one after nine am
Puddle dog right ear pulled
Pedestrian crossing just past Ealing toward hanger lane
Sea shells 
Broadway smells
As a gang of stalkers antics are covered by scientific money collecting churches
Somebody got famous and that carried through as though that endorsed all what stalkers can do!
It is as if success is hiding riveting abuse only to the sadist and misogynist who enjoy seeing a person constantly forced to find ways to survive their abuse!
Patrols few would recognise as such
A kidnapped life style few would recognise as such
They’ve always known they had it all 
They watch as another generation in society only just wakes up to what has been going on all along. 
Cover after cover
Slowly comes off
Killers must have thought they walked off scot free 
Free as a bird  until new understandings about the causes of mental health made their alibies unfurl which catapults plans to rage chaos attempts to rage wars so they will never get caught again just because she done in a friend?
Whose on the mend?
They raise false hope as they lay claims of a wedding and spread
False rumours about a romance which will never take effect is spread to have the effect of abusing people to be submissive to a cause from which they cannot repent. They did no wrong but must be kept on.
Whilst medical conditions prevail feels like a cult?  has devised a way to lay grip onto a persons body? Here's that story:
Ten Fifty Eight Zero Four
Paid for goods on the Twenty Seventh of November Twenty -  Twenty One. Echo Four Eight Sierra Tango maybe? This is after i put air in my back tyre at supermarket petrol station. First supermarket petrol car park i stopped at the air and water station was too full. So, whilst finishing paying  I could feel it. Energy puffing and buffering away against my lower back begins to feel gathered getting tighter and tighter till its is difficult for me to move, and almost breathe uf it had carried on! As i walked away from paying for my goods i brush the energy down from my back as i walk away! 
Again it reinforces the cruelty and level of control there has continued to be in my life. I cannot think of anything i am doing apart from getting in with my life which will raise the need for that level of oppressive control over me which another attempts to be. These are patterns that i now realise began to be  raised possibly as far back as two thousand and three. But yet something else reminds me of the cruelty that had always been even before the age of three!
To date someone who has never been stalked is unknown to me
To know or have interacted with anyone who has not struggled to get out of a marriage or from someone is unknown to me!

Raising a child in the middle and all the way through campaigns of stalking is known to me!
For this to be the case hoos effect treatment possibly  may not be in place?

Natural Flowism 
A Freedom of Being!

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Attached Until they or until we allUnderstand?

Whether you reach here by lamb or fowl...the world unfolds be it good or bad.
Cover ups become uncovered if your life has the span
After living for a  long enough time society as it is can seem like a carefully contrived plan to blight the belief in good health and freedom adventure and no need for no good restrictions!
Why did we believe in the projectionist who can project illness and no doubt possibly  contrived a plan that will not vibrate toward the manifestation  of health!
Stress and what stress is
Who would have thought
Certainly no me 
That years after feeling the weight and pressurs of taking on what feels like everybody else crap that if you can become mentally strong enough somehow you can employ your own imagination to throw it all back. Only that which does not belong to you, of course!
Some people have the gift of freedom to not accept what is not theres. But sadly so.many of never realised what was being done to us ...therefore we became mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financial sick because we had no means of immediatelly recognising what was not ours. Therefore it stayed with us as ours instead of being returned to sender!
Nobody but a few would believe these things called curses can actually speak and move out and a way from you.
Considered babble amongst the wrong set
But unless you can understand a level of assault of attachment planned and carried out against  someone to be effective whilst they are conscious or sub-conscious in board day light and by night remotely and otherwise. The attachment created and that person spoken about as a something which is a belongjng of the attacher.
By goat or curry they cannot see of feel like as freedom and love for everybody.
And sadly they are not wrong within them something has gone attachment becomes their main function.

Natural  Flowism
A Freedom of Being!

Saturday, 20 November 2021

The Moon in Bright Daylight! (image taken 21/11/21 in the skies of West London)

Coming down the M40
All I could hear is:
Pile dick or piles of dicks
Shoved in the blue
The crutch took it
The obsession of projection
The belief their projection game is where riches were made
Projection till they touch the spot meant you could control everyone!
It hatched more than just a plot and plan
Driving down ths motorway
I could my breast being felt
Have to use my imagination  over and over again because somebody's gran father got lucky with somebody's titties!
Now they try it over and over again
Cup cake looking bobble hats
Worn off the crown of the head
Threat of the mamagram?
As arms are lifted so my paranoid imagination feels stretched to it
I have got to get it out
I have got to get it out
Have i got to get it out?
Not just the red wax incest man believed by others to be stuffed up inside of me
But the threat of the mamagram man
And the yellow jacket gang?
Why would rhat be the theme of this and last week?
Does this date back?
I am not about political or social gains or games just an ordinary honest life does me
It is what it is that's enough ambition to be achieve after knowing what a interest in spiritualism has done?
But does it still date back?
There was no need for any suggestion to be "planted"
I could already feel a heavy energetic indentation as
though something very heavy has been imaginatively shoved down upon the left side of my skull.
What is that supposed to be about?
Another contrived way to send message out?
More abuse dreamed up by spy companies or spy schools why.not just go to language skill school?
Must have something to do with back in the day when it was all about swaping between sounding  eastern europeon and  completely cockney...why on earth that came across as something strange...i really don't know just  simplt turned up to get my job done. Why would  that be deemed so wrong?
Since I find myself in a situation where I just cannot seem to stop asking question maybe somebody else can figure this out...baring in mind this is nothing to do with me...why would anyone be....hmmm...nah that's not it....what is it about  self-healing through the study of mediumship and brain health that will  upset a stalker so much?
What myriads would be created to disprove ruffled feathers?
It makes me sick to my stomach but i feel it so strong....someone had a long range plan. Worst yet it is probably not directly about me. But for the love of God for an obsession so strong to take possession from life to death and keep going beyond and still carry on.
Maybe something beyond illness has been made?
Far beyond and i am not saying that create more of what has already been...a statue on a wall seems to be frowning and praying hard for more freedom and a healthy peacefulness!
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!

Are their Grabbing you're Crutches too?

1st Incidents
Tbey cruise by
You're  on road
All of a sudden you're seat feels: A cluck 
A punch 
A pull
A bunch of breeze
Behind near you're  low back
A feeling of clamp
3.5ton weight
Bowels feel inflated 
Another plot
Another strange experience.which remains unstated who would believe you?
It is hard to know what others see when they see you
More feelings or sensation of somekind of sexual type feeling
So easy to take the blame upon yourself
But no other sensatuon was happening until they come driving toward flashing their light with all tbis underground nasty shit happening!
At times every single car that passes
So....who  is paying to have the other roads airmarked as closure?
Could you imagine a plot so wicked?
The need to abuse one person or one family
A decision made?
Or someone's worsening condition?
Had a plot or plan for somebody life and that of their children to get in and amongst everything they are created or inherited
An obsession that went along with everything?
The decision to force others to feel exactly what they do not want to feel. Something they spent developing and funding
But what are they really grabbing?
What gossip are they truly creating?
The gift of word guzzled and appreciated
Why not just drive by without any clinging needs created under the  guise of friendship whilst fulling the needs of assaulting?
There are memory prompts on road to drive safe and so on, and so forth
There are memory prompts and warnings if thieves operate in an area. But where are theives memories prompts or early lessons?
For instance....
Remember: to leave things where they are since they do not belong to you!
2. Belongings left unattended is not an "opportunity" for you to steal!
3. The vehicle you are driving is a potential weapon do not do anything to any other driver to cause an altered state of mind!
Can memory prompts from social orgnisations who have the monopoly on crime and behaviour put an end to the abuse of those who face abuse on a daily, hourly, or moment to moment as assault?
Do pupils who were forced into schools for delinquents have to pay the price for not being considered  as "normal" for the rest of their lives?
Anybody else sick and tired of the amount of power that appears to be taken or given to stalkers?  if it be the truth?
Natural Flowism 
A Freedom of Being!