Sunday, 28 November 2021

Still Bugging and its been years of....

For the express attention of Detective Rivington Smythe...but further up the road!

....TN  drives passed me and a rip is felt in the lower back part of my head just above my neck on the right side of my head. X.
It alters me
Is someone jealous of me or them?
Ovv tries to work on me
They continue to try to work on Me along the M25
Its been since South Africa...
There is a white line in the sky that flies away after TN has driven  by
I arrive Washington no dome twenty seventh November twenty-twenty one after nine am
Puddle dog right ear pulled
Pedestrian crossing just past Ealing toward hanger lane
Sea shells 
Broadway smells
As a gang of stalkers antics are covered by scientific money collecting churches
Somebody got famous and that carried through as though that endorsed all what stalkers can do!
It is as if success is hiding riveting abuse only to the sadist and misogynist who enjoy seeing a person constantly forced to find ways to survive their abuse!
Patrols few would recognise as such
A kidnapped life style few would recognise as such
They’ve always known they had it all 
They watch as another generation in society only just wakes up to what has been going on all along. 
Cover after cover
Slowly comes off
Killers must have thought they walked off scot free 
Free as a bird  until new understandings about the causes of mental health made their alibies unfurl which catapults plans to rage chaos attempts to rage wars so they will never get caught again just because she done in a friend?
Whose on the mend?
They raise false hope as they lay claims of a wedding and spread
False rumours about a romance which will never take effect is spread to have the effect of abusing people to be submissive to a cause from which they cannot repent. They did no wrong but must be kept on.
Whilst medical conditions prevail feels like a cult?  has devised a way to lay grip onto a persons body? Here's that story:
Ten Fifty Eight Zero Four
Paid for goods on the Twenty Seventh of November Twenty -  Twenty One. Echo Four Eight Sierra Tango maybe? This is after i put air in my back tyre at supermarket petrol station. First supermarket petrol car park i stopped at the air and water station was too full. So, whilst finishing paying  I could feel it. Energy puffing and buffering away against my lower back begins to feel gathered getting tighter and tighter till its is difficult for me to move, and almost breathe uf it had carried on! As i walked away from paying for my goods i brush the energy down from my back as i walk away! 
Again it reinforces the cruelty and level of control there has continued to be in my life. I cannot think of anything i am doing apart from getting in with my life which will raise the need for that level of oppressive control over me which another attempts to be. These are patterns that i now realise began to be  raised possibly as far back as two thousand and three. But yet something else reminds me of the cruelty that had always been even before the age of three!
To date someone who has never been stalked is unknown to me
To know or have interacted with anyone who has not struggled to get out of a marriage or from someone is unknown to me!

Raising a child in the middle and all the way through campaigns of stalking is known to me!
For this to be the case hoos effect treatment possibly  may not be in place?

Natural Flowism 
A Freedom of Being!

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Attached Until they or until we allUnderstand?

Whether you reach here by lamb or fowl...the world unfolds be it good or bad.
Cover ups become uncovered if your life has the span
After living for a  long enough time society as it is can seem like a carefully contrived plan to blight the belief in good health and freedom adventure and no need for no good restrictions!
Why did we believe in the projectionist who can project illness and no doubt possibly  contrived a plan that will not vibrate toward the manifestation  of health!
Stress and what stress is
Who would have thought
Certainly no me 
That years after feeling the weight and pressurs of taking on what feels like everybody else crap that if you can become mentally strong enough somehow you can employ your own imagination to throw it all back. Only that which does not belong to you, of course!
Some people have the gift of freedom to not accept what is not theres. But sadly so.many of never realised what was being done to us ...therefore we became mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financial sick because we had no means of immediatelly recognising what was not ours. Therefore it stayed with us as ours instead of being returned to sender!
Nobody but a few would believe these things called curses can actually speak and move out and a way from you.
Considered babble amongst the wrong set
But unless you can understand a level of assault of attachment planned and carried out against  someone to be effective whilst they are conscious or sub-conscious in board day light and by night remotely and otherwise. The attachment created and that person spoken about as a something which is a belongjng of the attacher.
By goat or curry they cannot see of feel like as freedom and love for everybody.
And sadly they are not wrong within them something has gone attachment becomes their main function.

Natural  Flowism
A Freedom of Being!

Saturday, 20 November 2021

The Moon in Bright Daylight! (image taken 21/11/21 in the skies of West London)

Coming down the M40
All I could hear is:
Pile dick or piles of dicks
Shoved in the blue
The crutch took it
The obsession of projection
The belief their projection game is where riches were made
Projection till they touch the spot meant you could control everyone!
It hatched more than just a plot and plan
Driving down ths motorway
I could my breast being felt
Have to use my imagination  over and over again because somebody's gran father got lucky with somebody's titties!
Now they try it over and over again
Cup cake looking bobble hats
Worn off the crown of the head
Threat of the mamagram?
As arms are lifted so my paranoid imagination feels stretched to it
I have got to get it out
I have got to get it out
Have i got to get it out?
Not just the red wax incest man believed by others to be stuffed up inside of me
But the threat of the mamagram man
And the yellow jacket gang?
Why would rhat be the theme of this and last week?
Does this date back?
I am not about political or social gains or games just an ordinary honest life does me
It is what it is that's enough ambition to be achieve after knowing what a interest in spiritualism has done?
But does it still date back?
There was no need for any suggestion to be "planted"
I could already feel a heavy energetic indentation as
though something very heavy has been imaginatively shoved down upon the left side of my skull.
What is that supposed to be about?
Another contrived way to send message out?
More abuse dreamed up by spy companies or spy schools why.not just go to language skill school?
Must have something to do with back in the day when it was all about swaping between sounding  eastern europeon and  completely cockney...why on earth that came across as something strange...i really don't know just  simplt turned up to get my job done. Why would  that be deemed so wrong?
Since I find myself in a situation where I just cannot seem to stop asking question maybe somebody else can figure this out...baring in mind this is nothing to do with me...why would anyone be....hmmm...nah that's not it....what is it about  self-healing through the study of mediumship and brain health that will  upset a stalker so much?
What myriads would be created to disprove ruffled feathers?
It makes me sick to my stomach but i feel it so strong....someone had a long range plan. Worst yet it is probably not directly about me. But for the love of God for an obsession so strong to take possession from life to death and keep going beyond and still carry on.
Maybe something beyond illness has been made?
Far beyond and i am not saying that create more of what has already been...a statue on a wall seems to be frowning and praying hard for more freedom and a healthy peacefulness!
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!

Are their Grabbing you're Crutches too?

1st Incidents
Tbey cruise by
You're  on road
All of a sudden you're seat feels: A cluck 
A punch 
A pull
A bunch of breeze
Behind near you're  low back
A feeling of clamp
3.5ton weight
Bowels feel inflated 
Another plot
Another strange experience.which remains unstated who would believe you?
It is hard to know what others see when they see you
More feelings or sensation of somekind of sexual type feeling
So easy to take the blame upon yourself
But no other sensatuon was happening until they come driving toward flashing their light with all tbis underground nasty shit happening!
At times every single car that passes
So....who  is paying to have the other roads airmarked as closure?
Could you imagine a plot so wicked?
The need to abuse one person or one family
A decision made?
Or someone's worsening condition?
Had a plot or plan for somebody life and that of their children to get in and amongst everything they are created or inherited
An obsession that went along with everything?
The decision to force others to feel exactly what they do not want to feel. Something they spent developing and funding
But what are they really grabbing?
What gossip are they truly creating?
The gift of word guzzled and appreciated
Why not just drive by without any clinging needs created under the  guise of friendship whilst fulling the needs of assaulting?
There are memory prompts on road to drive safe and so on, and so forth
There are memory prompts and warnings if thieves operate in an area. But where are theives memories prompts or early lessons?
For instance....
Remember: to leave things where they are since they do not belong to you!
2. Belongings left unattended is not an "opportunity" for you to steal!
3. The vehicle you are driving is a potential weapon do not do anything to any other driver to cause an altered state of mind!
Can memory prompts from social orgnisations who have the monopoly on crime and behaviour put an end to the abuse of those who face abuse on a daily, hourly, or moment to moment as assault?
Do pupils who were forced into schools for delinquents have to pay the price for not being considered  as "normal" for the rest of their lives?
Anybody else sick and tired of the amount of power that appears to be taken or given to stalkers?  if it be the truth?
Natural Flowism 
A Freedom of Being!

Their Substance!

When he finally comes to you
Candles lit
You're dressed all slick
Hair so neat
Straight like bedsheet
He comes to you...
You're  dressed  up
And all stressed out 
Been waiting to see him
But where has he been?
You"ve been tbrough it all
Thought of it all
He's done his rounds
And tonight it's  you're  turn
Glossy video inspire this

Songstress's sing about it
Industry makes trillions from it
It appears to be the most popular thing
His manipulation and addiction if that is what it is connected deep into you're emotions or you're addictiveness and many others like you all in it together

Just another substance he's become used to taking!
When he/they finally come to you....
Natural Flowism

A Freedom  of Being!

Sunday, 17 October 2021

At the Delinquency!

Wasted to many years just thinking!
Probably the best thing you can tell the universe is, i do not know how!
Possibly one of the biggest health lessons from the universe is with what kind of thinking!
Its a big one which takes some soul searching to get done!
Has the meteorite arrived?
As what sounds like nosey garden dwellers prey on the thoughts in the mind?
A bunch of women tried to turn man to get away with their crimes
Leaving in their wake confusion and feelings of falsehood of some kind!
Has the meteorite arrived?
As my mind still twists and turns painfully on what and why?
I hate to admit it
I have hated to admit it
Even though to some it maybe clear to see or feel
But part of the catalogue of errors left within me after a life time of trying to self-heal from abuses (because the wrong type therapist can leave you with even more damages to overcome) is: intrusive unwanted thoughts!
i've always known im an empty head so to speak!
The problem came again or really became noticeable to me yet again in 2003.
Wool pulled over the eyes saw me afflicted with rotary thought yet again an adverse effect for turning up and working but a bad decision had been made on my part due to few good available choices on the path I had chosen...but today it appears somebody lay hidden seen or known by everybody else....but not by me as i was too busy  concentrating on Motherhood not somebody who stood by somebody else imfamously or famously. I was sadly too deep in debt with the costs of lone parenting to be bothered about another delinquent who just could get over another possible person sick with promiscuity and too ill with the sick and violating treatment of others and the inability to say no to their own damage worst of all whilst reminiscing on my name whilst seeing me, my life, my child’s life as something to speak of with hatred; condescension and the most degrading of shame! Had i moved beyond the events of primary school again! As today my life feels like constant intimidation of obsessed nosiness from queues at the chemist to home intruders and ongoing trespass of years gone by. Admittedly,  I moved from abuses without many people being told why but now it has been more than 30 years gone by and something has unsettled everything and everyone!
Why didn't “we” as society not set up effective filter programs: infant from home to nursery checked for possible parental/caregiver/guardian damage?
From: nursery to primary thorough checked for possible repair and training and treatment....and so on and so on right the way up through the system of education wouldn't society in general be irrevocably changed? Would their be less crime and suffering because so much behaviour and other problems will be detected earlier on? Wouldn't many of us be less targeted by the sensitive or bully in the class room coming back or resurfacing in our lives because suffering from what we did we laughed wrong at the wrong moment but then moved on only to find we are being dragged kicked and punched so to speak back to schools playgrounds? The nosey ones who went on to become the best spies forever poking around in the background of your life...what on earth would they feel like? But what does any of that if true amount too? 
Evidently, something very bad has gone on?
Sadly, there is little or nothing you can do if someone from your family or school went on to do something so cruel to someone or just in society in general....everyone on every side would be at a loss and full of the effects of damage from whatever was done!
But investigations haven't stopped around me. From night to day the presence is like the effects of no someone keeps on calling me name amongst them...we grew up as a family accused, if true, despite all we had been put through!
Just wanting to do ordinary just wouldn't do because the unwanted finds you!
Frim dashing detectives, doctirs and nurses, law enforcement's personnel...yes...yes....something else happened....oh 2006-2007.  A clairaudient voice used to shout at me  more in East London than anywhere else.....fawn....fawn....could i understand why? No...i moved on with my life....fawn your fawn at times....did i know i got here in 2014 and got on with my life......fawn...fawn until you know why....even sounding like “your fawn" at times!
But what do we with this life?
Try to get on with it night after night
As murderers remain useful to those filled with hate and spite
What chances do you have when coming from families which become legally mixed?
When the same things keep happening in an almost identical matter in tw0 separate locations?
Back in the day in large familes trying to survive a kid was given to a kid to help ease pressure so they could play together and look after each other.
Well, I suffered from being a very possessive child....abused....i didn't know those kids weren't mine! So much I had never understood, much remained unexplained whilst been battered essentially for coping with all your injuries. I didn't understand who these kids were or that they weren't mine until i became independent of what went on.
Cried all day like my life seems to be still crying today
^. i sit i go through this with what type or kind of thinking?
Have you ever asked your self especially when you all the decision you made led you into a complete and utter mess... how was your life supposed to turn out? 
Don't think i ever did until
 recently as my life became blighted by a lot of unwanted attention!
Is that a pointless question or a good question to ask yourself when trying to build a better life for yourself?
How much less would any of us have suffered if we were properly filtered for want of a better word, and not just heaped into a pile which deemed us all as delinquents setting the scene for ongoing addiction to revenge instead of adequate treatment for: self-respect, addiction to destruction of the self and others,  possible or “ likely” ADD, self-esteem, self-confidence, and the most important one... correct and accurate perception of ourselves, and other people, and perceived circumstances, and perceived challenges?
With what type of thinking was the abuses forced upon us not seen in wider society?
With what type or kind of thinkg was justice almost impossible to find or negoitate once found?
With what type of thinking are we creating? Living? Chosing? Negating? Ignoring? Or paying attention? Or paying attention but ignoring putting the eggs in socitey at the top of basket?
People with what?
Are doing what?
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Beíng!


Friday, 15 October 2021

To Catch a Little Cloud - Expressionisn Therapy!

To Catch a Little Cloud – Expressionism Therapy!
Waking up and Writing Poetry upon Waking!
(Punctuate as you see fit!)

The sky is blue and I feel like I miss you!
Love has been long gone because demon Mommy and Daddy had their fun
So far apart
Love has become like a poison chant 
Whilst nature continues to pound away at our hearts so love can still play a part in the chain of events where so much hate was raised to rain on each and every refrain!
To ask another question today feels like it will exhaust the brain
But the skies are blue and i think of you
God only knows who!
If skies weren't blue would i still think of you?
To have kept a note of you for so many years
Cannot confirm that be for love
But maybe more for a symbol of all that went wrong
It can take a full entire life time to out live what abusers did, and have done!
Society, whatever that is...still hasn't fully clocked on to the extent of what has gone on
When getting on with what needs to be done on an everyday practical level
Who has time to manipulate others?
Who or what....
....makes the time to fear people who may potentially meet or even fall or grow to love each other by  first becoming possible acquaintances, friends, business partners...or then as a result of all that maybe...just maybe they might keep growing toward  becoming lovers, life partners....and then....possibly within that...they might find that they may have created a spiritual partnership type bond....who has the time or mental devices which will seek to manipulate such a hate that will work so hard to keep people so far apart...?
With a sky so beautiful and blue changing in each moment no matter what we say or do
Does it matter the hue of blue...
As the white clouds fade into the blue sky another change has been made as more time goes by marked and faded by sun kissed natural light
As love investigations never fade nothing stops for now
Because demon mommy and daddy have already had their fun 
As blue skies are created after the hazy colour palette of morning dew as the sunrises to create a day where the sky produces so many subtle shades of different blues
So why ask why and have so many questions of why
Why can't you write something that is not questioning of why Especially, when there is love is there an undercurrent fear of something which has or is wrong the heartbreak of the unsaid or not done, if true of anything or anyone?
What it is to live know and feel your love is never wrong nor does it hurt anyone...but the dis-ease or disordered your intention of good in Love has become mangled with has made all your feelings and attempts to love someone go so wrong that your supposed feelings of love  hurt you and potentially anyone or everyone around you!
Your intention of a soft and tender touch sold out and bought outright and taken out by whatever drove you to violence!
To be held and made love to all night long again has sold you out taken out and away from you because of the lust you refused!
Your capacity and ability to love anyone unconditionally making you completely appreciated by the wife husband or partner you would choose destroyed by spite and jealousy caused by untold or undiscovered injuries or damages which have costed you with years of inabilities, and misdirected needs for intimacy!
Nothing retrained
Nothing changed
Bitterness for years on end
Unhappy people
Too many unhappy people
Too many dis-eases in a life time where so much good and opportunity is missed because too many heads remain lost in sickness, and disease!

The grey skies
That follow blues skies
Which leave so many moaning and groaning about love lost 
How to move on?
How will you get on if Your next relationship requires no game?
No mind game
No strategy
No game plan
No: if she does this I'll do that
If he does this I’ll out wit him like that
A disastrous cycle that will never end 
Under a beautiful bright blue sky where problems seem so far a way till a dull and gloomy day where if love required just the two of you to be honest and true without a game plan or masked plan of ill or bad intentions which will destroy the very essence of true intimacy and breed discontent which clings rather than stays together, how will you move on?
After the rain is the rainbow and yes....all the other clichè's follow eventually behind all grey skies blue skies follow  
Loves has its ups and downs but why can't love just last by always being kind and mellow without highs or lows?
Love is built before love becomes 
Love doesn't hurt but the disorder and illnessess projected or injected into love does!
There is no need to let go 
But why cling to dirt
Etiquette teaches how do you do?
So why does my mind ask: who the fuck are you?
As blue skies become even more blue as the Sun deepens and brightens the colour hue
Too angry for Love
Always on edge
Not willing to budge
Your mind's making fudge but what love really wants is love 
But... find someone weak and unable to resist being made to blame but who is faithful and dutiful but yet you still complain all the same . Because, now you are stuck in resentment for the choice you made...instead of fixing your head so your true ability to love someone you really want won't be stuck under the abuse or injurt you suffered which created your own ignorance and vulnerability of someone feeling hatred whilst trying to make it pass for love!
Under these pretty clear blue skies where clouds only show up in part of the beautiful clear blue skies!
Created and Inspired a Blue Sky Day in Scotland!
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!